Conscious Eating...
                                                   for your Health, for the Environment, for the Animals.  
Hey friends, Kevie here. For your health, for the earth, and for the animals, we can no longer put our heads in the sand, live in denial, nor believe ignorance is bliss. Please, use the below resources to educate yourself on these crucial issues. Peas out.

Documentaries for the Environment:

                                             Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
                                         A new cut from executive producer                                              Leonardo DiCaprio now on Netflix.

                                            Racing Extinction: Click here

Documentaries for your Health:

                                        Empowering people to live healthier lives by changing the                                             way the world understands nutritionClick here.

Documentaries for the Animals:

                                             Narrated by three-time Academy Award Nominee                                                          JOAQUIN PHOENIX and featuring music by MOBY.
                                             One of the most powerful films ever made. Click here.
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Photos from left to right: John Merryfield - Vegan, elite SUP racer, Executive Director Vegan 1 Day; Gardein Chik'n strips sprinkled with lemon juice, sautéed sweet peppers and bok choy with fried potatoe pancake; Whittaker, rescued by Farm Sancturary, Orland, CA.